zaterdag 23 maart 2019

Making the circular economy work - Guidance for Regulators launched

On 20 March 2019, together with IMPEL, Make it Work launched ‘Making the Circular Economy Work – Guidance for regulators’. Its key messages:
  • Eco-innovations are one of the ways forward towards sustainable production and a green economy.
  • Though policy-makers, legislators and regulators are doing a good job in regulating businesses to deliver both for the economy and the environment, there is room for improvement;
  • Regulators struggle to enable eco-innovations within the current legislative and policy frameworks, because the legislation was not made with innovation in mind;
  • The project has developed a guidance that gives hands-on help to regulators who face challenges posed by eco-innovations in the transition towards the circular economy.
Solutions that are suggested:
  • a more encouraging and proactive role of regulators balancing the need to protect the environment with encouragement of technologies that can deliver the sustainable/green production
  • by developing dialogues with businesses, welcoming of balanced experiments and pilots, exchange of information between regulators, both within and between Member States, on how they deal with secondary materials
The guidance includes many case descriptions that point out the opportunities within the legislation as well as good practices in some of the Member States.
The guidance is an interactive PDF that is meant not so much for reading from A-Z, but for use! 
It can be downloaded here.

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